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We specialize in TCP/IP Services. We can facilitate any sort fixed IP services like RDP, Remote CCTV, VPN, Tunnels, Firewall.


We offer our internet service on a Pay as you go basis. We don't believe in tieing

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We provide solutions for all industries from Insurance companies to Courier companies. Hotel Hotspot systems to IP Phone Systems

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Frequently asked questions

Wireless internet is an incredibly versatile technology that beams the internet from one of our towers directly through the air into your home or business. The internet is transmitted over radio waves, the same way you listen to the radio in your car, and connects to your WiFi network through a small radio antenna that we attach to your roof.

We are asked this question frequently. In explanation, we must reply that the service which we deliver does not (in general) vary from day to day. If you have purchased a 4Mbps service, we expect to deliver this to you, 24/7.

When you have a less than satisfactory internet experience, you need to look first at those in your immediate vicinity, your colleagues, or your family. If somebody else is downloading, streaming or running a torrent, then the chances are that they have consumed all of the bandwidth and have left none for you.

For our business customers, we are able to offer to manage bandwidth in a number of ways. Call us to find out more and we will help you to ensure a good experience for all.


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